This blog post is reminder for people who haven’t already watched it (or who haven’t heard about it).

Back in late 2023 (times flies… I planned to write this blog post months ago) I was a guest on Brodie Robertson’s (Invidious | YouTube) podcast, Tech Over Tea (Invidious | YouTube), where we talked about Invidious, YouTube, adblockers, privacy… and everything in between (along with lots and lots of rambling)!

If you are interested and haven’t already watched it, check it out! (If you have already watched it, you can still check it out too!)

PS: Yes, he mistyped my nickname as “The Frenchy Ghost” :3


Full episode: Invidious | YouTube

Clips from the full episode:

Origin Of The Invidious Project: Invidious | YouTube

Alternatives To The Invidious Project: Invidious | YouTube

Why Does Invidious Still Use Github Not Gitea: Invidious | YouTube

Vanced Was A Terribly Managed Project: Invidious | YouTube

Managing A Project Like Invidious: Invidious | YouTube

Why Does Invidious Even Exist: Invidious | YouTube